Indian Education Network

With the changing world, the needs of our society are changing too. The world is shrinking and students are getting more and more exposed to this fast changing environment at the rate of knots. This makes it very important to bring positive changes in the policies that govern our education system.  IEN aims to cater to these needs and help the policy makers and the leaders of today by providing them with out of box solutions to each and every problem. It is a vast pool of enthusiastic stakeholders from the industry and otherwise, possessing the zeal and the enthusiasm towards building a stronger foundation for the coming generation in the field of Higher Education.

The Indian Education Network (IEN) provides analytical and in depth insights to issues surrounding the education sector. It caters to the state as well as national level. It aims to provide support to institutions in helping them to create a vast pool of students who are ready to take up challenges not only at the country level, but also at the international level. It aims to establish a close linkage with many governmental and non-governmental organizations along with various international bodies who are working in the field of education. It acts as a catalyst and a binder that joins various institutions, be it governmental or private entities.

IEN Programs


  • Content and Curricula
  • Faculty and Mentor Development
  • Consultancy for Advanced
  • Infrastructure
  • Experts Bureau and Networking
  • National Platforms


  • Knowledge and Skills-Building
  • Mentoring
  • Experts Bureau and Networking
  • National Platforms
  • Online Entrepreneur Academy

IEN’s Approach

  • IEN aims to create impact at scale in a sustainable manner. Its model for entrepreneurship development rests primarily on a partnership approach, through which it...
  • Builds institutional capacity for creating entrepreneurs: developing and inspiring a pool of aspiring entrepreneurs at more than 450 academic institutes; enabling access to leadership and skills-building programs; providing access to expert, mentor and capital networks
  • Strengthens the entrepreneurial eco-system to support existing start-ups: increasing entrepreneurs’ access to strategic mentoring; skills-building programs; expert advice and networks for capital and talent

IEN achieves this primarily by:

  • Building content, curriculum and pedagogy for entrepreneur education and support
  • Developing and training a premium network of educators and mentors
  • Expanding entrepreneurs’ access to capital, technology and expert networks