Education Worldwide India Summit 2024

Le-Meridien, New Delhi 14 April, 2024

About Summit

The Education Worldwide India Summit is indeed a significant event in the realm of education, serving as a nexus for stakeholders to converge, exchange ideas, and advance the discourse on various facets of international education. The summit provides a platform for educators, policymakers, industry leaders, and experts to share their insights, experiences, and best practices in the field of education. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge from a diverse range of perspectives and approaches. With thought-provoking discussions and insightful presentations, the summit fosters thought leadership in education. It addresses contemporary challenges, emerging trends, and innovative solutions, shaping the future of education in India and beyond. The summit facilitates networking among attendees, enabling them to connect with peers, forge partnerships, and explore collaborations. This networking aspect is invaluable for building professional relationships and fostering synergies across different sectors of the education landscape

Who Should Attend

  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Government & Private University
  • Skill Development Institute
  • Sector Skill Council
  • Bureaucrats, Policy Maker
  • Edtech Entrepreneurs


Higher Education / Skill Development Awards:

  • Most Impactful University/ Institute in Excellence in
    Industry-Academia Interface
  • Most Promising University/ Institute in R&D
  • Outstanding University/ Institute with Excellent
    Infrastructure & Green Campus
  • Outstanding University/ Institute in Digital Innovation & Technology
  • Most Impactful Contribution for Global Outreach and Exchange Program
  • Most Innovative University/ Institute in International Collaboration
  • Most Emerging University of the Year
  • Most Promising B-School of the Year
  • Most Emerging University/ Engineering Institute
  • Outstanding University in Training & Placements
  • Most Promising University in Curriculum Design and Development
  • Outstanding University/ Institute in
    Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices
  • Most Promising University in Distance Learning Education
  • Most Promising Medical Institute/ University
  • Most Promising Engineering Institute
  • Excellence in Digital Education and Innovation
  • Remarkable Contribution in Skill Development
  • Innovation in Higher Education and Skills Enhancement
  • Outstanding University/ Institute in Learning Initiative and Skill Development
  • Outstanding Skilling Institute in PPP
  • Excellence in Skill Development - Higher Education
  • Excellence in Skill Development - Vocational Institute


Edtech / Corporate  Awards:

  • Leading Security and Surveillance Solutions Provider in Education Sector
  • Leading Training Provider to Working Professionals
  • Innovative 21st-Century Skills Solution
  • Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation, and Assessment Tool Provider
  • Leading Interactive Solution Provider
  • Smart Class Solution Provider
  • Emerging Global Campus Management Suite for Higher Education Institutions
  • Innovative Technology Solutions for Higher Education Institutes
  • Online Education Platform Provider
  • Innovative Marketing Agency for Education Sector
  • Leading ERP Solution Provider
  • Most trusted Overseas Education Counselling Providers
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